From the very beginning Word of Life Christian Center is a church that was built on the unconditional LOVE of God. We love others because He first loved us. We are a dynamic non-denominational church that welcomes everyone into the family of God. In everything we do we welcome the Holy Spirit to have His way that results in experiencing the powerful presence of God through the evidence of countless miracles, sign, and wonders. We are a church that believes in the anointing of God that breaks every burden and yoke with the powerful precious Blood of Jesus that was shed for us on Calvary.
to reach people far from Christ with the true LOVE of God that they would be drawn to Him.
to boldly proclaim the Word of God with love and compassion for the oppressed, the hurting and the lost. To teach and disciple people in the ways of God that develops and everyday relationship with Jesus Christ which will carry them through life. It is our desire to see the Body of Christ prosper in everything God has planned for them. 
is loving God, loving people, and changing lives. John 15:12-13 says, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as    I have loved you. For greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Therefore we are passionate and faithfully committed to carrying out the Great Commission that God has called us to accomplish as a church here on earth, to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.
is to create a multi-cultural atmosphere where everyone can come together to praise and worship God freely, experience God for who He truly is and build relationship with one another as a Body of Christ.