Training up a new generation of Godly, righteous young people is what Word of Life Christian Academy (WOLCA) is about. The Academy is based on the A.C.E. program which is a curriculum that is built upon the Word of God. When our students graduate they go on to colleges and universities of every direction, with a tendency to function in the upper portion of their classes, scoring high when compared with other students. After their education they become outstanding men and women who make a difference in their families, churches, communities, and even nations. Godly, biblical based education works. The goal of the Academy is to train your child in the highest principles of moral character, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity, and good citizenship.
Word of Life Christian Academy is a great part of the vision of Word of Life Christian Center. We had started back in 2001 in the sanctuary of our old church on Murray Drive. Having to clear the sanctuary and set up for school after every service. A couple years later, we’ve moved into a 2 story building with our Children’s Church and Youth Services on E. Main St., Downtown Farmington. We had enough room to set up for 3 classrooms and a chapel area. But not long we had moved into our recent location, a 2 story church with our main sanctuary upstairs and the Academy downstairs with 6 classrooms for the school including built-in cubicle offices for the students. It was a difficult journey and we are thankful, but God isn’t done with us and we are excited for what He has in store for Word of Life Christian Academy.



Our Mission is to provide Biblically based, individualized, self-instructional curriculum, involving diagnostic testing, goal setting, and mastery of subject content and to accomplish this in a learning environment with informed family members assisted by experienced WOLCA supervisors with the educational process and challenge students to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, incorporating the character traits of the Lord.



Dear Pastor/ Administrator,
It is my joy to congratulate the students and staff of Word of Life Christian Academy on the attainment of Accelerated Christian Education Model Status. It is an honor to recognize and commend your dedication and commitment to spiritual and academic excellence in Christian education.

As you provide a biblically based, character-building education for your students, you are assisting the parents in fulfilling His instructions. May I challenge you and your staff to continue with the high standards you have exhibited in attaining Model Status.

“And Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Colossians 3:23

Thank you for the privilege of laboring beside you and the parents that have entrusted their children to the ministry of Word of Life Christian Academy. It is my prayer that together we will continue “Reaching the World for Christ . . . One Child at a Time.”
In His Service, for the children’s sake,
for His glory.
Esther Howard, D. Litt.
A.C.E. President



Hello! My name is Ducinya Yazziee, I am the Principal of Word of Life Christian Academy. I am greatly blessed and honored to be my Pastors: George and Barbara Fords’ Principal since 2006. I have worked 8 years within the public schools of Bloomfield district before God called me to this ministry. I am a college graduate and have earned my New Mexico license to teach K-12th. It’s been a journey but God is totally in control of guiding and equipping me with the ability to love his children. I am thrilled with the quality of our school. We, the staff and our Pastors have worked and prayed for God’s will to become a Model school.
As of July 13, 2011 we received a personal letter from the President of A.C.E. from Nashville, TN. What an honor to be awarded “Model School”. God awarded us the desire of our hearts and when two or more gather in His name, He commanded His Blessings! A BLESSING we received. We are striving to become better in the years to come. I am very proud of our staff and their commitment to educating young people in a christian environment. The education does not stop here but equips each student to adventure the world with integrity and walking in the character of God. I hope and pray that you, as parents or guardians will see the importance of your child having a Christian education. Again, Thank you for the opportunity of nurturing your student.
In His Service,
Mrs. Ducinya Yazziee